Heinmot Hihhih or YELLOW WOLF - Warrior of the Nez Perce

L. V. McWhorter
L.V. McWhorter
In 1907, a man named Lucullus Virgil McWhorter, due to a wounded horse and by chance, met a former warrior of the Nez Perce band, Heinmot Hihhih, or as he was known to English speakers, Yellow Wolf.  

The two became friends and McWhorter wrote the memoirs of the warrior as it was told him over a period of 25 years.  The book was published in 1940 after the death of Heinmot Hihhih in 1935.  It is considered one of the most accurate and detailed tellings of the Nez Perce war.

Heinmot Hihhih or YELLOW WOLF - Warrior of the Nez Perce
Heinmot Hihhih
"I am telling you true! I will die, you will die! This story will be for the people who come after us. For them to see and know what was done here...

The story I gave you long ago--if people do not like it, I would tell it anyway.  I am not strong, and do not expect to be better any time.  I would like finishing it as truth, not as lie.

"We have worked together a long time. You always helped me from first time we met. I am aging where I can not do much more.

"White people, aided by Government, are smothering my Indian rights. The young generation behind me, for them I tell the story.  It is for them! I want next generation of whites to know and treat the Indian as themselves.

"We came from no country, as have the whites.  We were always here.  Nature placed us in this land of ours---land that has been taken from us.  I am telling my story that all may know why the war we did not want.  War is made to take something not your own."

Heinmot Hihhih 
(White Thunder or White Lightning)
alternate names:
He-Mene Mox Mox 


Yellow Wolf's War Club

Yellow Wolf's War Whistle

Yellow Wolf's Winchester Carbine Model 66.44 Rim Fire