Peo Peo Tholekt - Bird Alighting - Nez Perce Warrior

Peo Peo Theolekt - Bird Alighting

Peo Peo Theolekt

Peo Peo was one of the warriors who captured the mountain howitzer at the Battle of the Big Hole.

"Finding that he (General Gibbons) was not able to capture us, he sent to his camp a few miles away for his big guns (cannons), but my men had captured them and all the ammunition.  We damaged the big guns all we could, and carried away the powder and lead. "  Chief Joseph
Beaded Moccassins Associated with Peo Peo

Peo Peo's mocassins and more about this brave guy from the National Museum of the American Indian.

Peo Peo lost a wife and young son in the flight from the US Army.  In his photo above you can see a great deal of loss and pain in his face.   He died advanced in years, at his ranch home near Lenore, Idaho.